We value beauty, luxury and elegance yet seek to live in greater harmony with the earth & our bodies.


Inkling Scents was started by sisters Tiff and Sarah, who are great partners and friends.

{inkling scents} are designed to mirror the dichotomous nature of the modern consumer.


Our perfume & cologne formulas are comprised of 100% pure essential and perfume oils, making them perfect for those who are health-conscious or suffer from allergies and sensitivities.  


The rich and silky texture make application a sensual experience. Our fragrances are alcohol-free which means they do not evaporate, while the oil absorbs gently into the skin.  


The final result is a longer lasting scentmade

from natural ingredients by artists who are passionate about what we do.

Applying a refined fragrance puts the finishing touch on any outfit.  

Every time you catch a whiff, you'll feel that "inkling" that YOU are the one that's all put together - and you are more than enough.

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Shops, trade schools, distributors and agencies in

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